UPRISING Presenters

The event structure is based on Build, Ride, Learn, and Engage, so we broke out the presenters based on what the focus of their presentation will be. These women are leaders in their communities, bike industry luminaries, super advocates and passionate mountain bikers. Hear from them, learn from them and network with them. 

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IMBA leads the U.S. in sustainable trail education, planning, design, construction and maintenance. We champion mountain bike access, grassroots organizations and volunteers at all levels, and we want to encourage more women to engage in their local trail communities.


IMBA is made up of mountain bikers promoting responsible riding and championing great places to ride. We want to be able to help women’s mountain biking communities to do the same in their regions. We are working to provide assets and contacts to help this process.


IMBA provides the expertise and resources needed to engage in matters most important to mountain bikers. We are aggregating more women-specific content, compiling best practice methods and building a network to engage with other like-minded women across the country.


IMBA empowers and educates a national collective of mountain bikers. Opportunities for more and better riding are out there; all we have to do is get organized and engaged. IMBA Chapters and affiliates are hard at work at the local level. IMBA’s national programs continue to support and enhance these efforts.

Keynote Speakers, Panelists, DRAFT Participants

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