March 22-25 2018 ~ Bentonville, Arkansas

Join us for a collaborative uprising of women’s mountain biking leadership in an epic trail landscape

IMBA’s UPRISING is a two-and-a-half day, hands-on, collaborative summit among female mountain bike leaders from all across the U.S.  

This event is for women who want to make change in their communities by getting more women involved in mountain biking. This event is also for women who want to be on the forefront of shaping IMBA’s community outreach and organizing efforts in this space. We want to be an aggregator of the best information, resources and inspiration to engage more women in mountain biking, and we want to hear from those already doing it and those who want to. Help us shape our efforts in the best possible way to affect positive change. 

The event will highlight the best women’s riding efforts happening across the country. UPRISING is centered around four guiding principles: Build, Ride, Learn and Engage. Come to learn best practices, get inspired, gather resources and network with the women who are influencing the mountain bike evolution.  


IMBA leads the U.S. in sustainable trail education, planning, design, construction and maintenance. Volunteer trail work is one of the bedrocks of the MTB community. Our willingness to roll up our sleeves and help out is a big reason we have gained so much ground as a trail user group.


IMBA is made up of mountain bikers practicing responsible riding and championing great places to ride. Having an awesome time on a mountain bike is ultimately what it's all about! 


Education is the cornerstone of IMBA’s work. Following UPRISING, we’ll begin building out our resources for women, compiling best practice methods and creating a network so you and others can engage with like-minded women across the country.


Opportunities for more and better riding are out there; all we have to do is get organized and stay engaged. IMBA exists to equip and empower anyone and everyone who wants to create and enhance mountain bike trail communities. Women can make a huge difference in this space.

Following UPRISING, IMBA will continue collecting content that is relevant to women's mountain biking and build out the women's section of There isn't much there now, but bookmark the page and watch it grow after the event. And make sure to register to join us!


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